The Knotable Digital Creative Agency is turning the BIG ONE! To say thank you to our partners, clients, and customers--we are offering a one in a lifetime #BreakTheInternet Blowout Sale with discounted prices on creative services we offer! Our sale will start Monday, August 27th, 2018 at 12:00 am EST until Friday, August 31st, 2018 11:59 pm EST. Please read below for further information, pricing, and guidelines with partaking in our anniversary sale!


Standard Website Design & Development

$400.00 USD

E-Commerce Website Design & Development

$500.00 USD


Flyer Design $25.00 USD

Business Card Design $20.00 USD

Tri-Fold Brochure Design $50.00 USD

Media Kit $65.00 USD



   Word Mark/Lettermark Logo $50.00 USD

     Pictorial/Abstract Logo $65.00 USD

     Mascot/Combination/Emblem Logo $75.00 USD


Business Beginner Package 

Consistent Creative Package

Author All-Access Package

Podcast Package

In order to take advantage of the discounted services offered, services must be paid in full before the sale ends on Friday, August 31st, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Once service(s) are paid in full, the customer has until October 8th, 2018 to place project order request, unless he/she has purchased a flyer(s) or a package. Customers who purchase a flier(s) or a package, project order requests can be placed up until January 31st, 2019. Please understand that these prices do not include or exempt additional charges for rush orders and/or additional edits and drafts. Please also note that our sale does not cover complex illustration work. The same guidelines apply as placing a regular project request in regards to additional charges and turnaround time. Please read below in regards to additional information about each discounted service offered.

IMPORTANT: Project Orders placed before sale are not eligible for the sale unless they are placing a new project request that differs from the initial request submitted. Customers are not allowed to cancel current project order requests to re-submit during time of sale to take advantage of pricing. We are allowed to decline services at our discretion if we feel that a customer is attempting to do such.  


We are offering standard and e-commerce website design and development at a discounted price you can't beat! Please review the below guidelines in regards to ordering this creative service:

  • 8-page Navigation Menu [Includes Sub-Pages]

  • Mobile Friendly and Optimized Website

  • Assistance with Content Writing

  • Custom Graphics + Stock Images tailored to your brand

  • Search Engine Optimized Site

  • 1-Year Domain Subscription [example:]

  • 1-Year Hosting Service Subscription

  • Blog + Social Media Integration

  • Video + Photo Gallery

  • E-commerce Website + Online Store

  • Payment Processing + Product Customization

  • Add up to 15 products

  • Training for customers to update/maintain site

If a customer wishes to add either additional pages or products, he/she will be assessed an additional fee. Upon completion of site, customer has up to two weeks since the sites completion, to review and submit any edits needed for website, in addition to, schedule a training session to update site on his/her own. After two weeks, customer will be responsible for edits, upkeep, and management of website. Customers can purchase add-on packages to have Knotable manage their website needs. 

Please submit all grammatically reviewed copy for website, high-quality photos, and transparent logo (.png) artwork for website. Our team will schedule a meeting to discuss everything we need to have submitted, vision, and deadlines prior to beginning work.

IMPORTANT: With current offer, all websites will be using the hosting platform WIX.COM. All project requests that require complex work outside the capability of our current platform, will be recommended to use Wordpress platform which is not included in our sale. Price will be increased for customers who need a more customizable site. 



We are providing our customers with creative services that can assist with helping promote your business and services. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get a custom business card, brochure, flyer, and media kit design. Read below for more information on each service.  


Business cards include both front and back design. Please note that we do not offer printing services, however, we do offer print-ready designs. 


Discounted services are for tri-fold brochures only. Please note that we do not offer printing services, however, we do offer print-ready designs.



Help press write stories about your event, business, or product by ordering one of our custom media kits. Our media kit discount is limited to 10-pages (not including cover or back page).  


We are offered a discounted pricing on our flyers to handle all of your business events, announcements, client events, etc. Please note that up to five (5) fliers can be purchased per customer/business. Customers are allowed to purchase flyers for post-dated events they may have coming up. The last day to place an order for your flier is on January 31st, 2019.



We are happy to provide our customers discounts on all types of logos including lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, abstract marks, emblems, mascot, and combination logos. Please see the following criteria for which type of logo may fit best with your company:   


Lettermark logos- These type of logos, also known as monogram logos, are used to abbreviate companies with rather lengthy names to create brand recognition with a few letters. If your company has a lengthy name, this type of logo may be best for you. For example: NASA, BET, CNN, MTV

Wordmark logos- These type of logos, also known as a logotype, focus mainly on the company's name. These are perfect for businesses who have distinctive business names. If your business name is short enough to encompass a clean, cut design. This type of logo will be a great choice! For example, Google, Visa, FedEx, Subway


Pictorial Logo- These are also known as a 'logo symbol' is simply an icon that represents your business and is instantly recognizable. For newer businesses, this may not be a 'go-to' for your initial logo. If so, understand what type of symbol do you want to represent your business? Do you want it to represent your services? Do you want it to reflect your name? Or do you want it to provoke an emotion? For example, target, twitter, snapchat, apple

Abstract Logo- Like pictorial logos, abstract logos can condense your brand into a symbol. An abstract logo, however, gives you more creative range to create a symbol that does not necessarily have meaning and give it meaning and tailor it to your brand, company's culture, etc. without the cultural implications of a symbol. For example, Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, BP Gas


Mascot Logo- If you wish to create a fun, friendly, cartoonish spokesperson for your brand. This may be the option for you! A mascot is an illustrated character that represents your business. For example, Kool-aid, Planters Peanuts, Little Caesars, Burger King

Combination Logo- A combination logo emcompasses both wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. They can be integrated together, stacked on top of each other, or side-by-side. This is a great option for those who wish to have a symbol accompany their name to reinforce their brand  if they do not feel relying solely on a symbol will do the job as a newer brand. This is a common choice for many businesses.  For example, doritos, Burger king, taco bell, gatorade

Emblem Logo-  This type of logo is favored by many non-profits, public agencies and schools but it can also serve other types of businesses as well, especially those in the food and beverage industry. This is the type of design that you must be careful with adding too much detail as you still want your logo visible when printed or scaled down. For example, starbucks, harley davidson, nfl

Customers who desire different types of brand marks for their business will be charged individually for each piece. Please be mindful that rush orders will be subject to additional charges. The same guidelines apply as if you are ordering a regular logo. For more info on turnaround time and for logo request form, please visit our Services tab.



Knotable is offering packages that are suitable to new business owners, authors, podcasters, and those who are in of consistent graphics at an affordable price. Review below which package is suitable for you and your business's branding needs. 


This package is for entrepreneurs who are beginning their businesses and not sure of where to start. This package includes the basic needs to kickstart your branding needs and get you going for your launch, networking, and informing your clients! 

  • Wordmark, Logomark, Pictorial, or Abstract Logo Design

  • Standard 5-Page Website Design

  • 5-Fliers

  • Facebook and Twitter Social Media Banners [Same Design]

  • Business Card Design


This package is for entrepreneurs who are looking to re-brand and create consistent branding within their business. 

  • Website Revamp (Wix Platform Only) up to 10 pages

  • Logo Rebrand

  • 10-Fliers

  • 10-Social Media Graphics (Updates, Announcements, Quotes, etc.)

  • 6-Instagram Highlight Icons

  • Business Card Design (Front and Back)

  • Brochure Design (Front and Back)


The Author All-Access package is for publishing companies or self-published authors who are looking for affordable marketing and promotional assistance with their book's branding. We are offering the following creative services:

  • Book Cover Design (Front/Back + Spine Design)

  • E-book Cover Design (Front Only Design)

  • Banner Design (Table or Pop Up Banner)

  • 3-Tier Landing Page Design (custom domain optional) (Built on Wix Platform only)

  • 2-Promotional Flyer

  • 3 Social Media Graphics (Quotes, Updates, Announcements)


This package is perfect for those who are looking to start a podcast but not sure where to start in regards to branding. Here is a perfect way to take advantage of affordable branding to get your podcast off the ground, seen, and on the right foot!

  • Wordmark, Lettermark, Mascot, or Combination Logo Podcast Logo

  • Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter Social Media Banner [Same design only]

  • 5-Social Media Graphics (Updates, Episode Announcements, Launch Announcements, Quotes, etc.)

  • 5-IG Highlight Icons

  • Podcast Album Cover Art Flyer

  • 5-Youtube Thumbnails





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