Referral Program

We take pride in our customer referral program by rewarding our loyal customers and our new customers with discounted and free creative services for choosing us to create their brand's vision. See how you can become apart of our referral program by reading our rules and guidelines to qualify for your discount!

Refer a friend and receive 25% OFF Your Next Creative Service and your friends will earn 25% OFF their next order too! Refer 3 people and earn a free flyer! 


Rules and Guidelines

  • Client/customer referral is required to provide full name and e-mail of person who has referred them to our services.

  • Client/customer referral must place and pay for order in full before discount can be valid.

  • Referral Program Discount is only valid for clients, customers, and referrals for their next service order. Discount cannot be applied for a referrals first time order or for clients/customers projects that has already been invoiced.

  • Referral Program Discount is applied to one (1) creative service only. If a client/customer has referred two people, two (2) 25% OFF Discounts will be issued and cannot be used on one (1) creative service/project request. It can, however, be used for two different project requests at a time.

  • Referral Program discount cannot be applied to Branding Packages or during sales and promotions as they are already discounted.

  • Referral Program discount is not valid for our clients who outsource our creative services for their clients needs. [For example, if we provide exclusive branding and creative services for ABC PR Firm to outsource to offer to their clients, ABC PR Firm cannot have the clients they represent be a “referral.” ABC PR Firm can, however, refer customers they do not represent. If Knotable was only providing branding and creative services for ABC Firm and not it’s clients, ABC Firm could then refer its clients and be eligible for our referral program.]

  • Referral Program discounts are valid up to 6 months after they are issued and cannot be used past six (6) months.

  • Once a client/customer has referred three (3) people, he/she will be eligible for a free flyer or can use an additional 25% discount. Client/customer cannot choose both incentives.

  • Rush Fees still apply if project request is needed within 24-48 hours. 

  • Digital Flyer service cannot be exchanged for another creative service.

  • 25% Discount is valid for all creative services listed on company website only.





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